marche à coco-té de nous

06 de abril, 2021 en Madagascar

Evento virtual Evento solidario Reto Ajouter mes kms, Add my kms, suma mis Kms.
  • Fecha: 06 de abril, 2021 a las 00:00
  • Precio: 10.00€
  • Longitud: 1000 metros
  • Inscritos: 199 de 2000
  • Cierre de inscripciones: En 18 días (29 de abril, 2021 a las 20:00, o hasta agotar plazas)

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Descripción de la carrera

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REGULATION All the participants will have to register in APP Live 321Go in one of the teams and take the chosen route, for said delegation, as many times as they want in the stipulated time of the challenge, adding kilometers. It will compete in two categories, at a team level and at an individual level. The common goal to be achieved, among all the participants, is to travel a total of 15,659 km which is the equivalent of the distance between Spain and Madagascar and from there to Cambodia. At the team/country level, the one with the best average number of kilometers per participant wins. The winning country will be awarded a dedicated song of Malagasy Gospel and a diploma. At an individual level, the three people that do the most kilometers will get a prize. There are no limits, the route can be realized as many times as wanted and add the maximum number of kilometers per team. Participation will also be awarded. We will distribute ten prizes that will be raffled through Instagram on the 30/04 day after the end of the challenge. At the end of the challenge, we will announce the name of the winning delegations and people as well as the prizes corresponding to each winning person or delegation. 

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